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Warm and sweet Rae Morris concert

Both anticipated and slightly improvised, Rae Morris’ concert at the Rockhal (Lu), has turned out to be an instant bathed in subtle and unexpected sweetness.

‘Pervert Park’: a dive in the unknown

Pervert Park, an uncommon documentary

Is it art or we dump it?

Along with messages and emotions do art festivals also leave behind litter? Interview of the artists from “Paper Cut” and “Wasteland”. 

Rom-Com Comradely

Belgian Director and Producer Anja Daelemans talks about her latest feature film “Comrade Kim Goes Flying”.


A + D = µ

AµD is the soft name of a looking good folk ambient band from Lorraine.

Luxembourg by bars

A part of culture, that never should be neglected ... bars. Welcome to Luxembourg!

Welcome to Trier

One day in Treves … our guide! Get to know the oldest city in Germany, bastion of the romans and birthplace of Karl Marx. We were there for you!

Clubs in Saarbrücken

We present you the best clubs in Saarbrücken, get ready for big variety !

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